Top necessities all escorts independent need to carry in their bag

Being an escort is challenging as a lady serves demanding clients. They need to look elegant on their dates and impress the man anyhow. However, one needs to stay safe because not every client is the same. So, one needs to be prepared for everything on a date. It is undoubtedly better to be safe now than to be sorry later. So, here are the top essentials all cheap escorts Toronto need to carry in their handbags.


  1. Condoms

Most clients bring condoms with them. However, not everyone bothers bringing protection. So, it is a great idea to carry some condoms in several sizes in the purse. Again, no escort wishes to get pregnant or have STIs or STDs. Further, some men like to have sex without a condom. So, it is better if the lady carries the protection for herself.


       2. Extra underwear

It is primarily a must-have for ladies going out on sexual assignments. After getting wet with a client, change the underwear for hygiene purposes. It is also better to put on a fresh pair if the lady needs to see another man right after. Some clients love showering the lady with small gifts for their services. Some may bring extra underwear, but not everyone does. So, it is a necessity in all situations.


      3. A book

If an independent escort struggles with finding a new client, they can use this trick. Try sitting in a restaurant or hotel lobby with a book. It signifies that the lady is not waiting for anyone, and it is OK to have small talk. The book can be a means to start a conversation and blow off the awkwardness. One can pick some kinky books or stay safe with names like Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


      4. Dry shampoo

It is another must-have item like a pair of extra underwear. If a lady sees more than one client a day for sexual activities, it is evident that their hair is going to get messy. Dry shampoo helps get rid of the sex hair and quickly makes oneself look fresh and presentable. So, it is a must to carry a bottle of dry shampoo in the handbag.


      5. Lubrication

Sex with lube feels better for both parties. So, why not carry it in the handbag? It becomes necessary if any escort needs to see multiple clients in a day. It can make the vag feel sore and dry and make the lady feel uncomfortable. The lube also helps to feel turned on if a client is not hot enough. It makes it more sensual as well. One can use the lube for massages also.


Other important items

All the escorts independent need to carry their phone chargers with them. A dead phone is a red flag in terms of safety, and new clients for the night may not be able to reach out. Other necessities include:


  1. Wallet
  2. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  3. Makeup and hair products (a small makeup bag in the purse and, if driving, the rest of the things in the car)
  4. Sex toys (if the client likes them)
  5. Band-aids (and other essential medicines)
  6. Cash
  7. Pads or tampons


So, with these items in the bag, any escort can charm their clients and have fun themselves.